Tuesday, February 7, 2017

TOEFL Speaking Practice

   TOEFL SPEAKING PART 3                                        

What to do in Speaking Part 3 Test?

1. Read the passage .(50 secs)
2. Listen to the conversation. (60 mins.)
3. A question is given.
4. Prepare your answer. (30 secs)
5. Record your answer. (60 secs)
The computer will then save your response.


  Wall of Art Demolition

University officials have decided to take down the wall separating the art building with the university theater. The demolition will be completed by the end of May. Once the wall is down, access between the buildings will be easier. Students and visitors will no longer have to walk a block to get around the wall. Also, the wall initially began to feature the work of student artists. Lately, it has merely featured graffiti. This has made it an eyesore on campus, and we wish to beautify our campus. The university apologizes for any inconvenience to students during the removal process.

The man expresses his opinion on the destruction of the wall of Arts. State his opinion and explain the reasons he gives for holding his opinion. 




Dean of Humanities Department Appointment

        Dr.William Reynolds has been appointed the new dean of the Humanities Department. Dr.Reynolds has been an associate professor in the department for fifteen years. His reputation as a scholar throughout the country is unparalleled. His appointment will help attract some of the best professors in the field and boost the department's academic reputation. Dr.Reynolds has also won the university distinguished teacher and adviser award for the past five years, which will ensure that students receive excellent advice for their studies and future goals. Let us all welcome Dr.Reynolds and support him in his new position. 


The man expresses his opinion of the professor ’s new appointment. State his opinion and explain the reasons he gives for holding that opinion.

                                             University Dormitory Policy
               Beginning this spring, the university will implement a new dormitory policy. The floors of each dormitory will become major-specific, meaning that students will the same majors will live together. This policy will allow students to study more effectively. Because they will live in close proximity to one another, and students with the same majors will be able to create study groups more easily. Also, students will make closer connections with others with the same majors. The school believes students with the same majors should spend more time together outside of class. This will promote both academic and social interaction.

The woman expresses her opinion of the new dormitory policy. State her opinion and explain the reasons she gives for holding that opinion.